Team Overwhelmed with Impediments that will not go away!

Is your Team Hitting a Wall with Retros?

Has the team seen a lot of recent changes which may be creating a sense of unrest?

Are you sensing a lot of concerns from the team which need to be surfaced?

Not finding a way to talk about concerns can lead…

Grow Strong Roots

Buzzwords like Psychological Safety and Team Safety really come down to the “little things” you do every single day to create a better team environment.

How is your sense of belonging with your team? How are you expressing what you like about the team and what gets under your skin…

How intentional are you about Collaboration?

Being disciplined about collaboration creates a respectful environment which is a pre-requisite for Psychological Safety. Being respectful with each other builds trust and overtime sows the seeds for Team Safety. Safety not only creates a sense of belonging with the team but is also a key ingredient to the Team’s…

Lakshmi Ramaseshan

I am passionate about growing people, building “psychological safety” within teams and organizations.

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