Knowing what you are in control of

Team Overwhelmed with Impediments that will not go away!

Is your Team Hitting a Wall with Retros?

Has the team seen a lot of recent changes which may be creating a sense of unrest?

Are you sensing a lot of concerns from the team which need to be surfaced?

Not finding a way to talk about concerns can lead to frustration, diminish the team’s motivation and ultimately their productivity. As a Scrummaster or Coach, if you are seeing these signs try this activity to help visualize what is in the team’s way & use that to facilitate conversations moving forward.

Assessing what your Team Needs

  1. If your team is fairly new to Retros and…

Holding your Team Accountable is a sign you Care

Grow Strong Roots

Buzzwords like Psychological Safety and Team Safety really come down to the “little things” you do every single day to create a better team environment.

How is your sense of belonging with your team? How are you expressing what you like about the team and what gets under your skin? How are you showing up for the Team?

As a Coach, these are the questions that come to my mind when I think back on my journey of experimenting with techniques to create better engagement & keep teams excited about the WHY. …

Safety starts with showing Respect

Being disciplined about collaboration creates a respectful environment which is a pre-requisite for Psychological Safety. Being respectful with each other builds trust and overtime sows the seeds for Team Safety. Safety not only creates a sense of belonging with the team but is also a key ingredient to the Team’s performance.

Safety starts with showing Respect

Do you ever feel safe to speak your mind with anyone that does not respect you or your time?

How does respect show up in the way your team collaborates? How do you encourage respectful behavior within your team on a day to day basis?

How does your collaboration…

Following my Bliss

Life is meaningless without purpose.

Do you know your purpose? What can you do to find your purpose? Are you living in alignment with your core values? What are you good at?What gives you energy and joy?

I felt like I had finally found my bliss and I was following it. The Japanese have a word for this: Ikigai (pronounced Ick-ee-guy).

What you deeply care about can unlock your ikigai.

If you want to learn more about how I found my bliss continue reading. …

Holding Space & Paying it Forward

If you stumbled upon this article I want to share that this is part of a series. In Part I, I shared about a pivotal point in my Journey that motivated me to get involved with the local agile community. This is a continuation from that point on. If you would like to start at the beginning of my Journey here is a link to Part I.

Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

After a burst of inspiration and signing up as a volunteer to host a Lean Coffee for Agile Orlando, I was waiting for the perfect moment to take the plunge. I attended a…

Finding my Purpose

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

A few years ago I had a reached a point in my career where I felt stagnant. I was respected for my skills as a Scrummaster but to me it was not heading anywhere. I was feeling stuck!

Do you feel stuck in a role where you have stopped growing as much as your colleagues around you ? Are you craving a sense of community and purpose outside of your role ? Are you looking to be inspired? Do you feel like your learning curve has flattened ? This is exactly where I found myself a few years ago.


Photo by Yeshi Kangrang on Unsplash

I am a passionate agile practitioner who believes that if there is a “secret sauce” to high performing teams, it is psychological safety and great retrospectives.

Despite having worked in a distributed team environment since 2008 I suddenly found myself worried about team engagement in a virtual world, that had been filled with panic and uncertainty. I wanted to help my teams with a “Ready to go” Retro bag so they had a few tips and techniques at their finger tips and could have fun with it!

In January 2020, I joined Paciolan as an Agile Coach and was delighted…

Lakshmi Ramaseshan

I am passionate about growing people, building “psychological safety” within teams and organizations.

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